Assalamualaikum. A new journey.

by Haslinda Ali April 29, 2015

Thank you for all your well wishes and to those who have prayed for me and my family. Today I embark my day with a new image as I turn 44. I feel blessed, loved and most of all humbled, as I move along in my own FITFAB journey. May Allah continue to guide me to be a better person and continue to surround me with beautiful compassionate people who have shown so much love, concern and generosity. 

As much as you all have learnt from me and Fitfab , I have learnt SO much from all of you - about people and about LIFE. I have learnt that the heart can love so many different people - as long as the heart is in the right place and as long as we learn to see the good in others .

Special thanks to my hubby , Sujimy Mohamad who has been patiently and lovingly guiding me spiritually and the kids too. I feel so blessed to have a husband like you. You are my best and worst critic and yet you let me soar and be myself so I can find my true potential and my own calling. 

Thanks to my mosque friends and classmates who for the past one year and a half, has shown me what real beauty is and made me feel welcomed and loved even though I wasn’t donning the hijab. They never judge me and they accepted and embraced me for who I am. You all know who you are. For that , I was able to assimilate quickly into the religious classes and was confident to be myself. My personal thanks to Ustazah Haslinda Hassan who has guided me for more than a year in more ways than one. She makes me want to use my knowledge and apply logical reasoning to my life, work and passion and she certainly proves to me what is inside the head does wonders when it matches the heart. What a potent combination! 

My heartfelt thanks to one of my BFFs, Rohana Abdul Latip who was the first to help me to source out nice tudungs and brought me to Geylang on a ” mission- possible” recce early this year upon knowing my intention to don the hijab ( besides buying the botok botok ingredients lol) , and she was the first to convince me that I would still look good in hijab LOL. My thanks to Mariah Muhammad who was patient enough to be my hijab buyer although she doesn’t quite know why I had to have all the colours of the Neolofar no-fuss, no -pins- need hijab. She would update me on the latest colours and inform me on the latest colous available from her supplier. To my lovely makeup artist cum friend, Noratis Ahmad Z who was part of my historical transformation , and whom I trust to do my most important and dramatic makeover few nights ago . Thank you for your tips and your guidance and for sharing my excitement and happiness. To Dianne Temasek, from MAXI who again showed confidence and faith in me despite knowing that I will be donning the hijab in late April (when her annual contract with me was as up for renewal in March) . Thank you for being more than happy to create the Muslimah clothings and using me as your model again : ) 

To Faezah Jonit, my unknowing FITFAB merchandise partner who helped me source out all the things I need to create and design the FITFAB Muslimah exercise gear , not knowing that it is actually for myself too wink emoticonWe had to work fast and yes you are up to speed with my pace and I LOVE working with you. I feel so relieved that I manage to settle my gymwear faster than I had planned , as that was the one thing that worries me MOST. And now I am truly ready for my last makeover : ) 

Thank you to my kakaks, Sumita Narendran CardinaleSalwah Omar, Rohana Abdul Latip for your unwavering moral support . 

Thank you to all my sergeants and adiks in FITFAB. You all know who you are. 
Being inspired can come in many ways so continue to have faith and be good. 

I Thank Allah for making my Hijrah easier by bringing the RIGHT people into my life – facilitating my intention and hastening the process. 

MY 5 tenets of FITFAB Is now complete – Fitness, Food, Fashion, Family&Friends and FAITH. I feel complete and comfortable with who I am and what I am now. 

While my tenets are now complete, my FITFAB journey is still ongoing . Who knows what the future holds. Whatever happens, I have made many new friends here and I have been most humbled by what I have right now. I cannot please everybody and I don’t intend to. But I do my best and be true to myself always. They say “ you win some , you lose some”. Indeed it is true but I have WON more than lost. I am most blessed indeed to have found FITFAB and have found like minded individuals who are kind, compassionate and motivated to be the best that they can be : ) You all mean a lot to me -for indeed, I have learnt my weaknesses and strengths via fitfab. You all have helped me to be a Better me. This year’s birthday is especially special and outstanding for me as I reach another milestone for myself . Alhamdulillah  

Love you all loads! 

FITFAB always, 
Haslinda Ali

Haslinda Ali
Haslinda Ali


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