FitFab Aqua Fitness

Get ready to burn those calories, without breaking a sweat in the ladies only class. In this class you'll incorporate dance and spinning circuit training style. You will be constant!y on the move which means there'll never be a dull second!

The benefits of aqua classes include:

  • Weight Loss - The average thirty minute pool workout burns approximately 300 calories!
  • Cardiovascular Endurance - When in cooler water, the blood moves through the body at a faster rate to warm it up. When coupled with an aerobic program the result is an improved cardiovascular performance over time.
  • Low-Impact Exercise - Unlike many exercises, the pool provides a “soft” environment for workouts due to the buoyancy of the water, and the lack of impact that joints and muscles receive.
  • Stress Relief - Like any regular exercise, pool workouts are great stress relievers. The exercise stimulates the brain to release chemicals that make the body feel good.


Date: Sunday 21st January
Venue : Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSg Swimming Complex
11, Bedok North Street 1

2 to 3pm - Aqua Spin & Aqua Dance Circuit 
3.15 to 4pm - Mass Tabata H20

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